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Peasant Dress: Trendy Apparel in Traditional Style

Fashionable attire that were widely worn by the free class and peasant women of 12th and 13th centuries is commonly referred to as the peasant dress today. It is now extensively used to give a stunning and attractive look that looks incredible in pictures – whether a professional portrait or everyday snap shots. Peasant dresses in present time are usually made of cotton or blended polyester fabric to give it a trendy look along with making it easy to maintain and durable.

The pattern of these dresses is such that there are many different styles of classical peasant designs that can be worn. Popular styles include the empire-style long or short dress, an elongated top, and many more. This dress is flattering on almost all body types – short, tall, petite, plus size and everything in between. This attire can be plain or it can be decorated in a flattering manner with the addition of ruffles, tiers and the like.

Usually a straight down cut to the waist style with flares at the bottom was more popular among the dresses worn by medieval peasant women in the ancient and renaissance times to allow them freedom to ride on horseback. The waist can be given prominence by tightening it with a girdle of same fabric with the help of black chord. Sleeves of these dresses are usually stitched with elastic to give the look of smocking over it. While today a peasant dress may come in any color including the popular color white in medieval times these dresses were usually made with brown, berry or meadow green colored cloth.

This flattering style is presently used by all forms of women to show off their natural beauty. The deep cut shape, gathered neckline, and softly puffed sleeves are the basic features of a peasant top. Women of all ages can wear this style and there are many cute styles available for children and junior girls. Dresses of this style and variant are commonly seen on the runways in different patterns. They can be accompanied by strapped sandals with heel or flat, pouch style handbags, hoop or dangling earrings and/or a musing necklace. These accessories allow the wearer to customize the dress with her own unique fashion style.

Dresses and tops or blouses in the peasant style are created in a variety of different styles and patterns

For example, Old Navy Women’s Lightweight Peasant Tops and Old Navy women’s long-sleeved shirts are designed with V-neckline and their 3/4-length raglan sleeves that are mustered at cuff Scallop trim at the neck region. Cuffs’ Smocking provided in center, also front and on shoulders with soft Empire touch waist in lightweight rayon gives them exclusive touch.

Grace elementary dress with short sleeves, a-line pleated peasant women’s clothing apparel

Haute Hippie style Beaded Peasant Dress in nude snake print with drawstring waist Rhinestone and details lined in 100% Silk

Wilt Peasant Blouse is a crew-neck jersey top featured with an asymmetrical hem and side draping with gathered fine elastic bands at cuffs and neckline.

Crochet Peasant Blouse could make your weekend attire. Peasant styling in this blouse with crochet trim and accents gives such a feminine charm to you which is irresistible by anyone. Wilt Peasant Blouse is a crepe blouse featured with a string present at the neck scoop. Crinkle great looking Chiffon Peasant Blouse with Paisley is exclusive apparel for women to give them unique charm.
WetSeal Peasant Dress is a casual and cute dress featured with ruched bust detail, a whole rock solid body, short sleeves, and empire waistline and pushover elastic neckline.

Sleeveless and Smocked Peasant Cloth in black is an Apparel class dress for women. RXB Elbow Sleeve with Embroidery Peasant Top is created in 100% cotton and is available in white color which can be washed in machine.

This fashionable style of dresses for juniors are almost famous in printed fabrics and are available in various designs and fabrics such as:

Junior Girls and Teenagers
Gauze Peasant Top for juniors is available in blended fabric including 58% Cotton, 39% Polyester, and 3% Spandex in cold machine washable colors.
Juniors Almost Famous Wood Bead Peasant Top
Juniors Almost Famous Print Gauze Peasant Top
MuddRuffled Textured Peasant Topis made in mesmerizing stripes along with a crinkled design to provide it a textured look.

Though these dresses in medieval style are used by kids and adult women both but they are created with care following a step-by-step process. Though these dresses do not need many seams but they need to stitch a casing for drawstring or elastic and hem to give them a traditional look. You can make them in different styles and shapes by changing their patterns and adding decorations on them once you become perfect in stitching them. To make you perfect in stitching these dresses here are some tips to help you.

Want to try your hand at making your own?

Here are a few tips for how to stitch a peasant dress

First of all wash, dry and iron the fabric to be used in this dress. Line out the patterns on the fabric closure to its seam and mark the design on it. Now cut the front and back piece of the dress along with two sleeves in the size as required, short or long. Now attach the sleeves with the front bodice matching with the printed side of both the pieces. Sew the sleeves with bodice after lining up the neckline edge. Similarly stitch the back bodice with the sleeves by repeating the process. Open the seam of the sleeves and iron them. Now press towards the wrong side on the top edge of the dress to form a thin hem on it. Repeat the hemming process with a slight gap to give a double hemming design on it. Now stitch a casing on the neckline and the bottom fold leaving a small opening to insert a drawstring or elastic in this casing. Similarly create hem on sleeves. After inserting elastic in the casings on neckline cut the elastic to the desired size and stitch its ends along with opening in the casing. Now stitch the side seams of the bodice of the dress to complete the stitching work on it. Now to give a proper shape to the bottom hem you should turn up the bottom hem and press it and adjust the hem.

As you can see it’s easy to use the peasant dress to showcase your subtle beauty in trendy style!


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