Bohemian Style Clothing

Boho is the term used to refer to Bohemian Style Clothing or bohemian fashion. This particular grew in popularity during the hippies era of the late 1960s up until the peasant and ethnic flair of the 1970s. Despite the long history of this particular style, you can still see evidence of this fashion style until today as practiced by several individuals.

 White Peasant Dress

If you want to look or dress up Boho, you will need more than just Bohemian Style Clothing to complete your getup. There are several elements to this style and learn more about them below.


If you're planning to adapt the Boho fashion, no need to worry about keeping your hairstyle because it is typically low maintenance. Common Boho hairstyles are medium to short in length, which are often free-flowing and there is little requirement for management. Most Boho fashion girls or women like to keep their hair naturally straight, wavy or with a slight curl. In fact, you can let your hair dry out naturally soon after washing it.

To accessorize your hair, you can also opt to use a bandana or nylon band, which you must choose properly such that it complements your choice of Bohemian clothing. If you want to tie your hair into braids, then it is up to you.

Bohemian Style Clothing


Accessories are an important component in completing your Bohemian fashion. It helps to bring out or represent the natural elements that this particular fashion sense is trying to celebrate, such as wood, stone, shell, or hemp. Avoid the common mistake of using precious metals like silver or gold because it does not suit the Bohemian style. If you are going to purchase earrings to use, then hoops or beaded ones make an excellent choice.

Bohemian Clothing

The most crucial touch to your style is your choice of  White Peasant Dress. You will find lots of stuffs from thrift shops or co-ops, which offer second hand pieces that really suit the hippie style but an affordable price. The trick here is in knowing how you can mix and match different pieces of Bohemia clothing that go relatively well together to create a great combination. Suggested colors for apparel are those of earth tones such as white, brown, beige, and tan.

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