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White Peasant Dress

White Peasant Dress – Medieval days are notable for its romance and chivalry. You may be nourishing dreams to get married like a princess of the medieval age, in a captivating ancient castle. For this, medieval cheap wedding dresses would be great for you as it will add a glow to your marriage. To make the occasion stay in your heart with greenish memories, you certainly need a bridal gown that are made with artistic designs. It should be unique satisfying your specific needs. You may want to choose that dress that has your favorite style, color, laces and fabrics, tailored exclusively for your taste.

White Peasant Dress

In medieval days, the wedding dress used to be in blue color instead of white. White color was popularized later by Queen Victoria who got married in white dress. But today, the medieval dresses are available in any colors of your choice and they fit perfectly to the medieval themed weddings which are organized in a truly romantic style, with lads and lasses dressed in beautiful costumes. To make the theme perfect, the weddings are organized in stunning old castles or in natural rural settings surrounded by woods, parks and farms.

White Peasant Dress

Even in the medieval wedding dresses, you can select any theme. You have to decide whether you want to be a peasant or a member of a royal family or the princess and you have to choose your wedding dress according to that selected theme. Going for rich fabrics with elaborate touches will cost you more. So if you are looking for medieval cheap wedding dress, you can opt for a bridesmaid dress that will save your money considerably.

White Peasant Dress

In medieval days, it was a tradition to wear the wedding dress of their mother or mother-in-law. These dresses were considered to be a treasure of their family. If you do not have such a treasure in your family, you can buy one, from one of the online stores and make it a tradition yourself. These gorgeous dresses bring out your inner beauty and expose your sensuality to a great extent.

When you are ordering a cheap medieval wedding dress, you can demand the stores or online shops to make changes in it to fit you perfectly. If you want to add glamour to it, you can also add flowery patterns, beads, and sparkling stones to increase its elegance. You must take good care of the dress if you want to preserve it for future generation.

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All about White Peasant Dress

White Peasant Dress – If you've watched The Sound of Music film as many times as I have, you've probably wondered, "What did the von Trapp family really wear?" After all, we know that the family was wealthy for many years in Salzburg, and Maria von Trapp herself once earned a living doing hand embroidery during college. In studying the clothing of the original Trapp family, you will notice two major periods — before Maria and after Maria! The photographs we have today that depict this famous family's life in the early 1900s show their daughters as wearing heirloom European styles. These garments appear to be sewn of fine cotton batistes and voiles, and feature ruffles, empire waists, and puffy sleeves. The von Trapp childrens' real mother, Agathe Whitehead von Trapp, was quite the fashionable young lady in her early married years. She had a tightly corseted figure for the Gibson girl-era outifts she wore with the obligatory airbun hairstyle. So what happened to redirect this noble Austrian family from the elegant fashions popular all over Europe to the Austrian peasant-style dirndls?

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When Maria Augusta Kutschera came along in the 1920s, she had other ideas for the family's wardrobe! In her book, The Story of the Trapp Family Singers, Maria wrote about her concerns with the children's clothing which restricted them from playing sports and enjoying the outdoor activities which she was accustomed to. The von Trapp children did, in fact, wear sailor suits during the day, and white silken blouses with full skirts for the girls in the evenings and on Sundays. "But how can you climb a tree in a silk dress?!" Maria demanded, and from then on began a good-natured battle with the family housekeeper Baroness Matilda, depicted as Frau Schmidt in The Sound of Music movie. Maria suggested that the children abandon their leather leggings and hats for a Wetterfleck, a woolen cape with an attached hood. And why couldn't the dear girls wear ski pants so they could participate in winter activities with their brothers?

White Peasant Dress

Gradaully, the family gave in to Maria's new ways. Shortly after Captain Georg von Trapp's and Maria's wedding, the children began wearing the traditional Austrian costume – the Austrian military style uniform for the boys, and a dirndl dress with white peasant blouse for the girls. This "new look" would last for many years as the family performed on stage and eventually escaped to America. During one creative moment as a new mother, Maria even took down some old drapes from the von Trapp villa's elegant windows which she fashioned into outfits for all seven children! We can speculate that the older teenaged children did not take to these new playclothes as kindly as their film counterparts did, but they must have appreciated the effort and love put into the making of the garments!

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By the time the family was giving concert tours in the United States, their stage manager suggested the need for change in their wardrobes. Shorter skirts, modern styles, and high heeled shoes were his suggestion, but no indeed! Maria wouldn't hear of the Hollywood glamour look, and she once referred to the formal fashions of the 1940s as"nightmarish evening gowns that lack fabric somewhere"! Though the von Trapp girls did eventually use make-up and high heels on stage, they preferred the colorful garb of the beloved homeland for private life.

So today if you happen to be fortunate enough to visit with daughters Maria or Rosmarie von Trapp, you will see the exact same style of Bavarian folkwear that has been worn for centuries!


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