Some Awesome Hippie Fancy Dress Ideas

Hippie Skirts – So you're thinking of letting your hair down and becoming a hippie for your next costume party? Why not take a trip back to the decade of free love with a radical hippie fancy dress costume – you can bring some peace to the party this Halloween.

Whether you're a hippie girl or a hippie guy, there's a lot of fun and variety you can have with any hippie costume. Maybe you even have some shirts and flared trousers you can dig out of storage! If not, don't worry it's not too hard to make or find a realistic hippie costume. Here are some good pointers to help you out:

Hippie Skirts

1. Psychedelic Colours Man

It's all about totally out of this world psychedelic colours when it comes to hippies man. Don't play it safe, you're trying to give the senses a ride with your awesome get up. Keep those swirling blues, greens, reds and yellows going to overflow. Totally awesome.

2. Headbands

Whether you're a chick or a dude, wear a headband. Great face decoration and so handy for keeping those long locks out of your eyes. You can even stick a few flowers in it.

3. Flared Trousers

Don't go putting on any trousers that are either a) a boring colour, or b) have normal bottoms. You need flares, and big ones! Think swishing gusts of wind across the party while you walk – and the brighter the colour the better.

Hippie Skirts

4. Moustache

This is a must for any hippie guy out there – get some facial hair! A big fat hippie moustache will set you out as the hippie king. If you can't grow one in time, don't worry – they are available in any self-respecting costume store.

5. Circle Sunglasses

It's all about the mini-circular sunglasses man. And orange or red tinted ones too – put a different shade of colour on the world and it'll help you get into the mindset of the hippie.

Hippie Skirts

6. Flower-Power

Think flower-power! As many as possible, decorating your clothes, in your hair, carry them around. Give them out to people.

7. Mini-Skirts

Hippie girls, get those short, breezy, hippie-style mini-skirts on.

Dressing up as a hippie has so much appeal as for a night you can escape the hectic 21st century and go back to the decade of free love – when the world seemed a simpler place. Everyone holds a secret place in their hearts for the hippies, and it's just such a fun character to play – of course half the costume is how you talk and act so get practicing!

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