Hippie Style Clothing

Hippie Style Clothing – The hippie movement began in the 1960s with uninhibited rock music. Clothing choices followed closely behind and changed quickly with the times. The 1950s were restrictive in both music and clothing causing teenagers to want a change. They began adorning their hair with flowers and dressing in flowing natural materials.

The culture began with a pro-nature movement that was against war. Hippies were tolerant of others and abhorred violence. They were inspired by nature and sought to use it in everything they wore. The hippie culture focused on spreading love and peace during a volatile time.

Clothing items made out of raw textiles such as hemp and cotton became very popular for developing hippie fashions. During the 60s young people began creating their own styles and wearing clothing that appealed to them. Often, clothing styles were determined by individuals adding a home-made element to an item.

Popular styles were tied dyed clothing, colorful shirts worn with bell bottom pants that hugged hips appreciatively and free-flowing dresses or skirts. Hippies were known to accessorize with beaded headbands made with a leather straps, beaded necklaces, leather vests and hand-made sandals.

Hippie Style Clothing  or bohemian fashions have always been affordable and continue to be budget conscience today. This style of clothing does not come with specific rules and different color combinations or prints worn together are acceptable.

Individuals who enjoy standing out by dressing differently from the crowd will appreciate the hippie styles that are currently sold. This style is now accessorized with scarves, long sweaters and boots. Often, dangly jewelry is worn that shimmers and embroidery adds an original element. Several layers can add to the look, but too many layers or over-sized items look bulky.

Hippie Style Clothing

This distinct style is still around in the form of flowing maxi dresses and rompers. It is a style that keeps making a come-back for stylish, comfortably minded people.

The early skinny look and women looked to Twiggy for the latest fashions. Boho style Clothing, the new look was gypsy and European as well. There were no longer rules in fashion and combination of clothing was easily made by accessorizing with some glitter, snake skin, sequins or anything else that a glitzy secondhand store could offer. Mixing and not matching were allowed and one did not have to be rich to afford a unique look.

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