Peasant Dress – Cinco De Mayo Dress of Peasants

Are you planning to dress up for Cinco de Mayo this year? Many people choose to don a costume of one sort or another for this popular holiday in order to add to the festivity of this Mexican holiday, which Americans have adopted as their own. Just like many people choose to wear green on St. Patrick's Day, you will find a lot of people wearing special outfits for your holiday event. If you're looking for some ideas for what to wear for an upcoming parade, party or other holiday event, then keep reading for a couple of ideas which can help you get into the mood for the occasion with traditional Mexican clothing.

Peasant Dress

A Cinco de Mayo dress could be a simple peasant dress; this is in fact a very popular type of outfit for the holiday with women. If you happen to be of the male persuasion, keep reading anyway – we will get to some Cinco de Mayo outfits for men shortly. You can find a Mexican Peasant Skirt for Cinco de Mayo from many costume shops, clothing stores, which cater to the Mexican-American community, as well as shops, which specialize in outfitting young women for their quinceaneras. If you live in a city, which happens to have a large Latino population, you may have one or more of these shops close by and they are definitely worth a look. Even if they do not stock what you are looking for, the staff may have some suggestions for you on where to find what you want.

Another traditional Mexican peasant outfit for women is the ever popular long, colorful cotton skirt paired with sandals and a simple white blouse worn off of one shoulder. It is an easy outfit to put together and when you accessorize it with either a hibiscus flower or a green, white, or red tissue paper flower worn in the hair, you have a simple, comfortable, and authentic Cinco de Mayo outfit put together.

Men have a couple of choices as well. While obviously a peasant dress is not a good fit, there are some traditional Mexican clothing items which you can choose to have a great outfit for Cinco de Mayo. For example, you could wear a comfortable and casual guayabera shirt, with or without a sombrero for a relaxed south of the border look.

Peasant Dress

Another option for men especially is the vaquero (Spanish for cowboy) outfit. Western wear is very popular in Mexico and in many Mexican-American neighborhoods, you will find a western wear shop, which carries Mexican style western shirts, cowboy boots, and other items to create the perfect Cinco de Mayo outfit.

Whether you choose to go with a Mexican peasant dress for Cinco de Mayo or something a little more contemporary, the important thing to remember is that it is not your outfit that really matters. As long as you have fun with friends and family while enjoying Mexican food, drink, and culture, you will get the very best Cinco de Mayo experience.

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