Peasant Dresses

Are you looking for a different theme for an event or party? Peasant Dresses can be a fun, interesting and refreshing theme for that special occasion, be it a wedding, a child's party or even just a get together for friends and family.

Peasant Dresses were from the lower-income group in medieval times, mainly farmers and artisans. They had to live with the bare basics and the men went out to work whilst the women stayed at home to take care of the household. They were humble people, strong in their religion and bold. The medieval peasants wore very basic and practical clothing, with a humble look. Having said that, by no means does this dress have to be boring; do a little research on what peasants' clothing looked like and you will be surprised how refreshing one can look in medieval costumes for peasants.

 Peasant Dresses

Medieval costumes for men, women as well as for children can be found on many online stores and from some party & costume hire shops. Most online stores offer delivery no matter where you are in the world. Men's clothing mainly consisted of hooded cloaks, tunic skirts, a belt or sash around the waist, breeches, gawky looking leather shoes or boots plus a cap. Women wore scarves over their heads, basic dresses and often wore aprons or tight-fitting waistcoats over their dresses to enhance their waists. Some women wore wide skirts with basic wide sleeved blouses often white in color and a belt. Women's shoes were basic and practical. Most of the peasants clothing were self-made from the cheapest materials available, normally extremely uncomfortable to wear for the women, but some were lucky to be able to wear softer materials. As the peasants were the lower-income group they were not allowed to wear bright colors, the bright colors were only for the higher income groups. A lot of people are under the misconception though that they were only allowed to wear dull colors but in fact some of them wore lovely greens and reds.

Peasant Dresses need to be simple and practical looking, but needn't be dull. Medieval costumes can be very exciting if you do a little research and put on your thinking cap. You have a large choice from online shops, maybe party shops or costume hire shops, or you could choose to make your costumes yourself. If you have a basic knowledge of sewing, these costumes can be made in a short amount of time. Or you might even be able to take some of those old clothes you have put away in the top of your cupboard and redesign them to suit the image.

 Peasant Dresses

Medieval costumes have become the latest trend for many 'theme' events. But don't be like everyone else and choose to be a King and Queen or a Knight in shining armor, be different and surprise your friends, choose rather to be a peasant. Your friends and family will love you for it.

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